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    • Upcoming Projects

      So. End of the year is fast approaching and for some reason my friends and family have birthdays concentrated between October and February. Hence, this part of the year is always present season for me eventhough we do not celebrate Christmas. Because of financial issues this year (read: a goddamn house that is sucking my…

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    • Chili Turmeric Bread

      I don’t know about you, but I like making up new recipes from time to time. I get bored easily, and making up new recipes and/or new projects are ways to keep me from rolling around the house like a zombie. Recently, I have been into spices. It started with wanting to create curry without…

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    • Walnut and Cranberry Sourdough

      I took another crack at the classic Walnut and Cranberry Sourdough. At least I think it is classic. For a while, it seems like everyone and their grandmother were doing it and I want in. I have some leftover walnuts and dried cranberries I usually add into my oat porridge as sweetener. So I decided…

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    • Ciabatta Attempt

      Decided it was time to do something other than sourdough loaf and ciabatta looks to be a quick and easy bread. I used The Chain Baker’s recipe which utilises all white bread flour. I do not usually use all white bread flour, but eh, what’s harm with it once or twice, right? It was what…

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